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Industry Solutions

Whilst we possess all the knowledge and experience to deliver tailored telecommunications solutions to any business sector, we have specialist experience in numerous industries.

Schools and Colleges

Schools of all sizes, and equally colleges need a telephone system designed to their unique requirements. School telephone systems, for example, need the capacity to handle large numbers of calls at the various pressure points in the day.

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Whether you’re a shop or shopping centre, the importance of retail telephone systems cannot be understated. Providing the core link between you, your suppliers and most importantly, your customers, retail telephone systems essentially allow your business to keep operating away from the shop floor.

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Hotels, Hospitality and Leisure

Hotel and leisure facilities require a unique type of hotel telephone system dedicated to both the needs of the venue itself and the guests staying their or using the venue’s facilities.

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Manufacturing Organisations

The manufacturing industry is focussed on unit cost, and this is affected by all areas of your business. Therefore, manufacturing industry telephone systems and factory telephone systems costs are critical to the economics of your operation.

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Medical Practices and Surgeries

There are so many ways in which medical telephone systems can aid the smooth running of doctors surgeries, dental practices and other medical establishments, and moreover improve your patient’s impression and experience of your business.

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Financial Telephone Systems

Working in the financial sector is a demanding business that requires you to be able to communicate effectively with clients whilst meeting industry compliance standards.

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Construction Telephone Systems

The construction industry presents many challenges to those who work in it, but an efficient and appropriately designed telephone system can help you to overcome some of the obstacles that it presents.

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Not For Profit Organisations and Charities

Although we are suppliers to lots of different organisations, we are specialists in providing tailored, cost effective solutions for not for profit organisations such as churches, schools and charities.

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