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Ethernet First Mile - EFM

Ethernet First Mile (commonly – and more conveniently – known as EFM) is a technology becoming rapidly more popular with small and medium sized businesses that require a reliable, high capacity service at a competitive price.

As well as providing your business with the above, Ethernet First Mile also provides added aspects of security as it is a private connection and is also quick and simple to install and set up. Additionally, it also carries a service level agreement that ensures any problems are fixed within a set time.

Compared to SDSL connections EFM provides much faster speeds and, as EFM connections are uncontended, the entire bandwidth of your connection belongs to your business and yours alone. This isn’t the case with SDSL connections and is why connection speeds drop when high numbers of users are using their connections at the same time as you on the same telephone exchange.

EFM supports other business communication functions such as VOIP (Voice Over IP), video conferencing and offers adequate bandwidth to allow employees who work from home to connect to their work desktops remotely.

Geographically, EFM is not available in every location yet so you may find that you have to look at an alternative mode of connection such as Fibre. Price is also something that should be factored into your decision making process as different EFM network operators will charge different rates.

Costs are based on a number of criteria but generally EFM offers great value to businesses that opt to switch to it, so it’s worth enquiring today to find out the availability in your area.

If you’re interested in using EFM to help with the growth of your business, call us today on 01323 815015 or email for further information.