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Fibre Broadband - FTTC

Fibre broadband is one of the most innovative online technologies to be introduced since the arrival of broadband itself during the closing months of 2001.

Previously, data has been delivered to its destination via a copper wire. However, due to the physical properties involved in this system of delivery, the further away you are from your local exchange, the longer the data will take to reach you.

With fibre broadband, the data is delivered over fine glass or plastic fibres as pulses of light rather than electronic signals. Light travels at a much faster rate than an electronic signal and therefore leads to dramatically increased broadband speeds.

A fibre broadband connection offers businesses a wealth of benefits and can help reduce costs in other areas such as expensive software licenses, replacing them with cloud based technologies that allow you to access files and applications that are readily available via the Internet.

The core benefits include:

  • The ability to send and receive large files with far more ease
  • Upload speeds are up to 3x faster compared to standard broadband
  • Download speeds are up to 10x quicker than standard broadband
  • The ability to use hosted applications to carry out business tasks such as CRM without having to pay for expensive software packages to be installed on site.

We’ve been providing businesses across the South East and London with quality broadband services for over a decade, and it’s no different with fibre broadband.

If you’d like to enquire about the availability of fibre broadband in your area, call us on 01323 815015 or email where a member of our experienced team will be happy to assist you further.