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Key Benefits

Our facility to provide businesses like yours with gas and electricity offers the potential for considerable savings. There are, however, lots more key benefits to the service, than solely financial perks.

The service minimises your involvement in the process of reviewing and setting up a new contract – a process that can often prove to be time consuming – allowing you to invest that time in other areas of your business.

Our supplier is in continuous contact with the market, meaning we are able to arrange contracts for you when market conditions are at their most favourable. This opens up the potential for savings of up to 30% when compared with existing utility agreements.

Additionally, they also monitor your contract throughout its duration, ensuring it is renewed in advance of contract end dates at the right time and always avoiding expensive Out Of Contract (OOC) rates.

The supplier deals directly with the energy companies on your behalf, meaning they will resolve any supply or service issues should they arise.

Once you have signed an agreement your rates are frozen for the duration of that agreement which can be anything from one to four years, meaning you are protected from any price increases that arise during this period of time.

Ultimately, this service is here to save your organisation money on gas and electricity overheads that can sometimes become unruly if they are not regularly reviewed and monitored. But our partnership with our supplier means you can receive the additional benefits outlined above saving you valuable time. and safeguarding you against any cost increases or issues during the length of your agreement.

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