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Auto Attendant

If you’re a small or medium business looking to cut the costs involved in call handling, you may have overlooked the benefits of using an auto attendant in conjunction with your existing telephone system.

The introduction of an auto attendant provides your business with a cost reduction asset that allows your company to answer, manage and transfer calls to the desired department or person without the need for human intervention.

Auto attendant is a more affordable, more efficient call handling system than having a staff member dedicated to managing inbound call traffic, but still provides greetings allowing you to maintain the image that you want your business to portray – it basically acts as a virtual receptionist. Greetings are fully customisable and you can script and record your own or have them prepared to bespoke requirements.

Auto attendant features include:

  • Automatic call answering
  • Customisable greetings and menu options
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transferring to an operator or the appropriate call queue
  • Ability to listen back to menu options
  • Simplified call handling

Another advantage of using an auto attendant is that it eradicates the possibility of missed calls and a potential loss of business as a result of them – an auto attendant will never be pulled away from it’s duties onto other tasks and provides an ever-present service.

At Calibre, we have been recommending, fitting and tailoring auto attendant products for over 10 year’s so we’re extremely well placed to advise you on this service.

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