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Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration – more commonly referred to as CTI – is a telecommunications software package that links your phone system with your computer.

CTI software arms you with a variety of new features that simplify the running of your business, including “click-to-dial” functionality that allows you to select customer or prospect records onscreen and call immediately at the click of a mouse.

Screen pops are another illustration of the intelligent benefits computer telephony integration can provide your business with. Before you have even answered the incoming call CTI provides you with an onscreen pop up displaying the details of the caller, allowing you to stay one step ahead.

Main Benefits

  • Can connect with your CRM
  • Reduction in running costs
  • Increases business productivity levels
  • Improves customer service

Computer telephony integration is most suited to companies who carry a high volume of repetitive tasks, allowing them to save precious time and money that can then be applied to other duties – a valuable commodity in the current economic climate.

To get the most out of using CTI, your business should seek the help and advice of a specialist – and that’s where Calibre Comms come into the equation.

We’ve been at the forefront of helping local businesses attain, adapt and implement computer telephony integration to the needs of their business, allowing them to save money and automate repetitive tasks.

Our CTI software packages are competitively priced and designed to collaborate with a number of common PC applications, simplifying the installation process.

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