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Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted telephone systems remove the need for a physical telephone system on a small site. Instead, a system is hosted on the Internet (it’s essentially a computer programme), allowing small businesses to avoid having to purchase an in-house phone system.

More and more companies have decided to switch from traditional in house systems to hosted telephone systems, and are now experiencing the benefits this can bring, including:

  • Typical 25%-50% saving compared to purchasing a physical telephone system.
  • Reduced set up costs – the only equipment items required on-premises are the IP phones themselves.
  • Free inter-Company calls via hosted telephony.
  • Reduced rate call charges on calls to external locations.
  • Rent only the amount of ‘virtual’ phone lines you need as opposed to being forced to purchase switch based lines in bulk and having excess lines which you don’t require.
  • Reduced maintenance costs as technical support is carried out remotely using an online web portal.
  • Greater call quality.

Our Calibre Cloud Voice package provides you with the benefits of this modern and rapidly expanding hosted solution at a cost of just £14.00 per user per month, which includes ongoing support and maintenance cover.

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