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Music on Hold

Adding a music on hold console to your office telephone system is a great way of boosting your business image and the effectiveness of how you deal with inbound call traffic.

Almost three quarters of all business calls are put on hold for a variety of reasons to ensure that you can give your customer the best service possible. Music on hold prevents you from leaving the caller listening to dead air and can help to portray an added level of professionalism.

Music on hold reassures your customers that their query is being dealt with and prevents them from hanging up – 60% of unhandled callers will put the phone down and 88% prefer to listen to on hold messaging rather than a blanket of silence.

It also creates an opportunity for you to advertise more of your products and services to your existing customers by scripting advertising messages to broadcast to the caller while they are on hold.

Music on hold is fully customisable with a range of royalty free music and pre-recorded messaging available. Alternatively, you can script your own range of messages and have them professionally recorded for you.

Calibre can provide your business with a clean, crisp messaging on hold console that gives you a professional edge over competitors that leave their customers in the dark, so why not request a free sample message from us today to find out what it can do for you.

You can even use the free, online demonstration suite to mix a variety of different messages and music.

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