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Business Telephone Handsets

If you’re looking to expand your office, Calibre Comms can provide you with a wide range of business telephone handsets to help you achieve this within the limits of your current system size.

We can supply business telephone handsets to suit both analogue and digital/IP phone systems, equipped with features that make navigating your way around the system a far more simple process and helping to boost productivity. VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF HANDSETS HERE.

The range of features included in each handset could include:

  • Tilt Angle – Tilt adjustments allowing you to choose the correct position for best visibility.
  • Navigation Keys – Ergonomically designed navigation keys make it easier and quicker to skip through system menus.
  • Alphanumeric Display – Onscreen feature that eases tasks and provides you with information such as incoming caller ID, extension lists, call durations, time and date and message waiting services.
  • Programmable Keys – Simple to programme keys that store numbers or frequently accessed system features that save you both time and effort.
  • Cordless Handsets – We stock cordless business telephone handsets that make it easier for you to stay in the loop when you’re on the move around your premises, as well as standard desk phones.

Highly intuitive, all of our Panasonic, Cisco and Ericsson-LG handsets offer outstanding voice quality to improve call clarity, sleek design and an ease of use that allows you to feel comfortable when providing customer care or engaging in business calls.

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