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Telephone Systems

Telephone systems are key in the daily running of any business. From analogue to IP to hybrids, we’ve got all the technology to design a system that caters for the precise communication needs of your organisation.

Historically, the telecommunications industry has been focused solely on the provision of analogue telephone systems. These use traditional telephone lines for making and receiving calls and generally still fulfill the basic requirements of most businesses today. However, with huge strides being made forward in the digital arena, more and more and businesses are opting to purchase IP systems that are scalable to their exact requirements and offer best value for money.

Embracing the power of the Internet, IP telephone systems bring with them significant cost savings on equipment and calls, whilst offering plenty of flexibility to grow in line with the development of your business.

Key benefits of IP technology include:

  • System changes can be affected easily off site, generally without the need for an engineer’s site visit
  • Calls to other sites or remote/home workers can be transferred and the dialing tone does not change, thus appearing seamless to the customer
  • Calls between sites are non-chargeabale
  • If your company moves location, moving your telephone system is a much simpler process. Portability is a major advantage of IP telephone systems

At Calibre, we have 80 year’s combined industry experience in providing, installing and maintaining these technologies, with an increasing focus on digital platforms. We are one of just two Panasonic IP Alliance Partners in the South East, which means we have been accredited with having an in depth technical knowledge pool in house.

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