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VOIP Telephone System

VOIP telephone systems are derived from Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology, enabling your business to route its call traffic via the Internet rather than through a digital or analogue telephone line.

Unless you’re looking to overhaul your existing set up you don’t need to make any drastic changes if you want to switch to a VOIP telephone system, which means you can continue to receive a return on your previous investment.

A VOIP telephone system provides a myriad of benefits including easy installation and administration, increased productivity and having voice and data integrated into one network.

One of the most significant perks of introducing VOIP into your business though, is the ability to expand it directly inline with the growth of your organisation, meaning you only pay to accommodate extra extensions when YOU need them.

Compatible with all existing phone systems, the savings VOIP can bring to your business are unparalleled. Calls between your branches are free and there’s no need to tear out any existing equipment. All this along with a broad selection of payment options and a low capital outlay makes choosing a VOIP phone system a realistic and affordable option for any business.

Calibre has substantial experience in providing VOIP telephone systems to businesses, helping them to make significant savings and increase their productivity levels. We take a consultative approach to helping you identify and set goals that allow you to get more out of your telephone system and get it working for you.

Why not call us today on 01323 815015 for a free, no obligation consultation on your telecommunications set up? The chances are your business will benefit from a VOIP telephone system!