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Diverse Routing Planning

Reliable telecommunications are the spine of any business, so when something goes wrong it’s always handy to have a ‘plan B’ lined up to keep you running – and this is where diverse routing enters the equation.

Diverse routing offers a second destination for inbound call traffic to be sent to in the event of a local exchange or cable failure, meaning your customers can still reach a point of contact rather than a dead line.

Simply put, your calls remain routed to your primary location, but if there is a power cut, local exchange or cable failure, they are then routed away from your office to a designated secondary location.

As well as keeping a port of call between you and your existing clients, network routing also ensures potential leads are still able to reach you and helps to significantly lower the risk of new business going away from you due to the inability to get in touch.

An alternative for keeping your telecommunication system running, in the event of technical issues, is to consider investing in an uninterruptible power supply (more commonly known as UPS), which gives you a back up power source in the event of an outage at your premises.

Calibre Comms has an outstanding track record of providing diverse routing plans to organisations across the South East of England and has 80 year’s combined industry experience in the telecommunications industry to draw on, so you can rest assured of a high quality service.

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