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Business Line Rental

As a business, you’re probably approached regularly about your business line rental and the offer of cheaper calls.  It can often be a confusing and bewildering subject particularly when the approach comes from companies you may have never heard of.  Undoubtedly though there are real savings to be made with the availability of call price plans and line rental packages, but selecting the right supplier is key.

You can rely on Calibre for your business line rental and call plans

Calibre is a long established provider of business line rental, call plans and telecoms systems, not only throughout the South East of England, but also nationally.  We will take our time to analyse your current bills and really get to understand your business so we can develop the right line rental and call price plan packages for you.

Moving your business lines and calls to Calibre is straightforward

There are no set up charges, no monthly fees and transfer of your business line rental can be completely trouble free! In addition to savings on your calls, you can also save money by switching your line rental supplier too. You will benefit from one bill for calls and line rental and one point of contact should you have any queries. In the event of any problems with your lines you can speak direct to a member of our team who will help diagnose the fault and we will contact BT faults on your behalf if necessary.  Calibre can also provide 0800, 0844, 0845 and 0871 numbers for your business needs.

Some Calibre customers choose to have their complete telecoms set up with us providing a one stop point of contact for all their telecoms needs, so this could be an ideal time to review your existing equipment too. Call 01323 815015 to discuss how Calibre can help reduce your business line rental and call charges.