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Non Geographic Numbers

Non geographic numbers are not attached to any geographical area in the UK and can therefore give any business or company a national presence or identity. They can also be pointed at any existing landline or mobile making their set up easy and hassle free. Therefore your existing number remains and the non geographic number simply overlays it.

Here at Calibre we offer a whole range of non-geographic numbers, including 0871, 0800, 0845, 0844 and 0870, so you can select a business number which best suits your company needs. Non geographic numbers have grown in importance for both large and small companies because:

  • They are portable. If your company moves, the number remains the same and travels with you.
  • Certain non geographic numbers, such as 0871, can be an income earner and generate revenue for your business. 0871 numbers have been successfully used on sales lines, technical help desks and support numbers.
  • Our standard access charge to connect to 08, 09 and 118 services is 6ppm. To define the price of a service charge please see this PDF.
  • Non geographic numbers can be used in promotional campaigns and kept solely for marketing purposes so campaigns can be truly measured and costed out. 0800 freephone numbers are popular for this purpose.

We already have a wide range of customers using business phone numbers in this way. If you are interested in introducing a non-geographic number to your company or simply want to get advice from an alternative supplier, then please contact our customer support team at Calibre on 01323 815015. Our non geographic number rates are very competitive so if your supplier review date is imminent ensure you obtain a free, no obligation quote from Calibre Comms.