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Telecoms Security

The issue of telecoms security has become an increasingly hot topic over the course of the last few years, with headlines being made due to businesses losing thousands of pounds over unjustly large telephone bills after falling victim to PBX fraud.

Hackers, and in some cases employees, gain access to and use in-house communications systems to contact costly services such as premium rate telephone numbers and long duration calls to foreign destinations – clearly a serious breach of telecoms security.

Information on how to commit PBX fraud is easily obtained and readily available online, meaning that the threat is real and ever-increasing.

The commercial consequences of falling victim to PBX fraud due to lapsed telecoms security can be severe, and with potential legal costs to factor in alongside a loss of revenue, it can prove to be both an expensive and time consuming hindrance to any organisation.

Fortunately, Calibre Comms can help your Business boost its telecoms security and protect its revenue with the Callista Control Phreak software package that deters fraudulent PBX use and helps to lower the risk of receiving phone bills that do not fairly reflect your true costs.

Control Phreak works independently meaning that you don’t have to manually monitor it; it’s on alert surveying your phone traffic and killing illegal call activity instantly – completely automatically, all the time. So you can rest assured that when you receive your phone bill there’ll be no nasty surprises.

The initial price includes the purchase of a permanent license, installation and training as well as a 12 month support and updates subscription, which becomes an optional feature after the first year.

So, if you’re concerned about the dangers of PBX fraud then call us in the first instance on 01323 815015 or email to enquire about beefing up your telecoms security with Callista Control Phreak.