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Telecoms Health Check

If you’re concerned that your business may be paying over the odds for its telecommunication services and equipment, you should consider signing your business up for the Calibre Comms Telecoms Health Check.  It’s totally free and without obligation.

Our extensive portfolio of products and services coupled with a renowned reputation for providing customer care levels that are second to none means that we are well placed to provide you with impartial and honest advice on where you could be saving money.

We’ll audit your existing telecommunications set up from top to bottom and produce a report outlining where you could potentially make immediate – and in some cases ongoing savings on both your hardware and operational costs.

Some of the areas that savings are commonly found in include:

  • Telephone Lines – Are you paying too much for your lines? Or are you even paying for lines that you don’t even use?
  • Call Charges – We can deconstruct your bill for you and root out any unusually high call charges;
  • Equipment Costs – If you’re renting your equipment, are you paying through the nose? Sometimes it is better in the long term to buy outright;
  • Maintenance Cover – Are you getting the best value maintenance cover available? Individual call out charges can mount up, so it often pays to take out cover over a contracted period.

Following the audit and report we’ll continue to work closely with you to help you realise those savings and start enjoying the benefits that a well optimised telecommunications system can bring to your business.

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