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CCTV Systems

Whatever property you store on your Business premises, you want peace of mind and assurance that it will remain safe when you’re not around; CCTV systems provides you with all this and more.

CCTV systems and security cameras are primarily used to monitor your premises, but they’re increasingly being deployed to help businesses keep tabs other issues including health and safety procedures and industrial production.

A popular alternative to the ongoing expenses involved in employing a security team at your location, our range of business CCTV systems allow you to view the security cameras from a remote location using devices such as a laptop, television, mobile or tablet subject to a broadband connection.

You can be assured of clear image quality to improve the chances of facial recognition in the event of a disturbance, whilst the security cameras themselves provide a visible deterrent to people targeting your commercial property.

We provide CCTV systems to suit a range of industries including:

Calibre Comms has pedigree in consulting with businesses to determine the best CCTV systems to suit their requirements and budget, and can also provide installation and ongoing maintenance support to ensure your buildings are always secure. We work with a wide range of businesses across Sussex, Kent, Surrey and even as far a London.

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