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Web Video Conferencing

Video communication is a heavily saturated market, with all sorts of video conferencing products and packages available to suit a wide array of requirements. Whilst most will immediately think of standalone conferencing units, it’s worth giving thought to web video conferencing if you’re browsing the market with a smaller budget.

It’s probably a fair comment that most people will immediately think of Skype when considering a web video conferencing software package, namely due to it being free. But Vidyo has emerged to provide it with serious competition in the B2B web video conferencing arena as it takes a step in terms of user experience without costing an “arm and a leg”.

One of the core benefits of using Vidyo’s web video conferencing software package is that it minimises the delay in the video stream, providing the same pace of conversation that you’d expect if you were face-to-face with the participants of your call.

Alongside the seamless stream of conversation, Vidyo also consistently delivers a high level of image quality that doesn’t break or tear in the event of poor network connectivity. Simply put, Vidyo makes high quality web video conferencing an affordable, realistic option for a vast amount of businesses.

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