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With October weather predicted to stay at an all-time high, UK holidaymakers are expected to vacate for longer. Great news for your hospitality business!

Your Sussex hotel could be enjoying more bookings, but if it’s not, could your WiFi, CCTV or Telecoms be the problem?

Hotels, B&B’s and Vacation Rentals in the South East of England come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve installed in thick-walled Victorian buildings, B&B’s hosting from separated annexes and hotels with luxurious spa facilities. The important bit is we’ve found solutions to their unique issues and this is what we wanted to share.

Opening your hotel to happy guests

Opening the door to more bookings at your hotel.

Hotel WiFi Tips

Research has shown that there is only one thing that guests would prefer over a complimentary breakfast or free parking, and that is Wi-Fi. (Source: Hotels.com 2013 Survey). Also, hotels that offer WiFi saw that guests would spend 50% more money in the hotel than average (NETGEAR).

What WiFi can offer your business

  • Quicker check-in
  • Improved room and dinner service
  • Ease in leaving that essential Tripadvisor review
  • Entertainment to customers
  • Increased business stay bookings
  • Engagement with your brand
  • Marketing opportunities

How to get better WiFi

  1. Implement access points and boosters throughout the building
  2. Use control features
  3. Set a maximum amount of browsing time
  4. Restrict the ability to download
  5. Including staff, restrict how many people can use it at one time
  6. Choose a WiFi service provider


hotel B&B CCTV image

Increasing the visibility of your Hotel.

Hotel CCTV Tips

If your hospitality businesses takes advantage of CCTV it’ll not only ensure the safety of your boarders, staff and property but also display that you’re staying current. All around the world, high quality video security systems are helping many types of hotels to protect themselves.

What CCTV can offer your business

  • Staff protection
  • Customer protection
  • Protection of your business property
  • Monitoring your premises 24/7 with remote access
  • Helping your business to conform to health and safety legislation
  • Helping reduce insurance premiums
  • Monitoring high-risk areas such as pools and spa facilities

How to choose better CCTV for your hotel

  1. Choose weatherproof cameras for outside of buildings
  2. Place cameras in hard to reach areas
  3. Choose vandal proof cameras for high-risk areas
  4. Choose a variable focal lens to monitor specific areas such as tills
  5. Ask about screen masking on areas, not within your establishment i.e neighbours/public property
  6. Choose a PTZ camera for areas in the property needing wide coverage
  7. Ask about setting up security so that only designated staff can view footage
  8. Request CCTV alerts for notifications of unusual activity
  9. Choose door entry cameras and offer safe 24check-in
  10. Give managers increased flexibility with access to view live footage remotely

Improving your telecoms adds value to your service.

Hotel Telcoms Tips

As you know, efficient communication within your hotel is essential to it’s everyday running. Not only can you organise your business but you can increase the quality of service and thus it’s revenue.

What Telecoms can offer your business

  • Improved room and dinner service
  • Better communication between staff and guests
  • Better operations between different hotel departments
  • Manned reception 24 hours a day so you don’t miss any bookings

How to get better Telcoms for your Hotel

  1. Choose a reservation line for your restaurant to increase efficiency in bookings
  2. Ask about free mobile apps for staff such as caretakers and managers who are on the move
  3. Offer guests customer-controlled or system-controlled wake-up calls
  4. Ask about setting room status whilst in the room – for example, ‘requires cleaning’, ‘ready for occupancy’ or ‘maintenance required’
  5. Free calls between staff no matter if they are in the hotel or out
  6. Door entry phones can offer safer 24 hour check-in

We can help you improve your systems and increase your bookings.

Calibre Comms has a long history of working with Hotels throughout East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey and even as far as London.

We will work with you to produce a bespoke solution that really works for your hotel. We provide a full end to end solution; from planning right through to installation and training.

For further information on all of our products and how we can help you integrate it into your hotel, B&B or Vacation Rentals please complete this form. Alternatively, you can call a member of our friendly team on 01323 815015 or email us on info@calibrecoms.com.

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