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With this guide, you can make your telecoms and CCTV work for you.

With school holidays fast approaching and staff taking annual leave, do you feel like you’re holding up the fort again?


We’ve helped many different industries prepare for downtime, from schools to offices to workshops. When operations slow down, it’s an ideal time to take some time out of the business on a summer break. But being a business owner, we know it isn’t as easy as that. With fewer staff members working it can be difficult to maintain quality customer service and workplace systems. So, we wanted to share with you our tried and tested tips. These will allow your business to tick along efficiently in a safe and secure manner. With our help, you can enjoy your summer holiday, like everyone else.

1) Auto Attendant – Allows you to fully customise your greetings so you can handle incoming calls and route them to the appropriate department/person without the need for human intervention.

2) Remote Working – Simply take your IP handset or hosted handset home and plug it in. It enables you to make and receive calls from the office telephone number so that it appears you’re in the office.

3) Unified Voicemail – Pick up your voicemail across a variety of devices. Be it mobile, landline, laptop or have them turned into .wav files so they come through via email.


“Gone are the days of rigid schedules where workers are fixed to computer terminals between the hours of 9am and 5pm,” says Ryan Asdourian, senior director at Microsoft.*


4) CCTV Remote Viewing – Ideal for that extra piece of mind. Keep an eye on your workshop, office or school facilities from your mobile phone. Now you can enjoy some proper downtime over the summer.

5) CCTV Alerts – This brilliant feature allows you to be notified so you won’t need to keep opening the remote viewing app. CCTV alerts emails you with a photo if unusual activity is recorded.

6) Maintenance – The final step to ensuring you’re totally covered when you want to go on holiday. Calibre Comms offer high-quality service packages for both our telecoms and CCTV products. Find out more about our fantastic support service here.

Source: * www.telegraph.co.uk/business/future-technologies/evolution-of-remote-working/

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