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Hosted business phones can also be known as cloud telephony or voice over internet protocol (VoIP). A popular option for small businesses, you get a monthly direct debit bill making hosted voice a low cost and easy to manage solution. We are business VoIP providers that offer some of the best cloud based phones and services.

What is cloud telephony and why choose it?

  • Cloud telephony is also known as hosted and managed telephony, and removes the need to have a physical system on your business premises. All system equipment is hosted in a secure environment in the cloud.
  • You pay a monthly amount per user which includes the cost of your handset, a bundle of minutes (local, national and mobile), a mobile app and ongoing support.
  • It’s a simple and cost effective way to manage your business phone system.

Features of a cloud system

  • Flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Automatic software updates
  • Reliability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Mobility

Our Cloud Telephony Solution

  • MOBILITY – Your phone system can travel with you making remote working a reality.
  • AFFORDABILITY – Fixed monthly cost per head with bundled minutes included.
  • FLEXIBILITY – You can easily size up and down according to your business needs.
  • ADDED FEATURES – Unlimited calls + Call Recording + Conferencing + Voicemail – All as standard.

We are working with more and more customers who have adopted Cloud telephony and have found it to be a robust and cost effective solution for their business.

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Hosted Telephony Handsets

Our hosted phone systems are fully scalable and grow as your business does – allowing you to add extensions and handsets whenever you need them.

  • Calibre Cloud
  • Ericsson-LG IP Handsets

Calibre Cloud - T48S Handset

Calibre Cloud - T46S Handset

Calibre Cloud - T41S Handset

Calibre Cloud - T23G Handset

Calibre Cloud - CP960 Handset

Calibre Cloud - W56DEPT Handset

Ericsson-LG IP - LIP-9071

Ericsson-LG IP - LIP-9030

Ericsson-LG IP - LIP-9020

Ericsson-LG IP - LIP-9010

Ericsson-LG IP - LIP-9002

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