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Has your business carried out disaster recovery planning?

You may have a disaster recovery plan in place for your business, but does it include your telecoms?

Every business should have disaster recovery planning in place for when the unthinkable happens and the company systems are brought down due to a natural or human-induced disaster. Some of you might remember the great storm of 1987 and how everything came to an absolute standstill!

how we can help in a disaster recovery downtime

Don’t forget your telecoms when it comes to disaster recovery planning!

The speed at which a company can recover and carry on its daily business is critical to its operations. However, whilst most businesses have procedures and policies in place for when this happens to their IT operations, sometimes not as much importance is given to its telecoms system. Can you imagine your company not being able to make or receive calls, and the impact this would have on your sales and customer care? Disaster recovery planning for your telecoms is as essential as for your IT.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Here at Calibre we can help you plan for when situations beyond your control do happen, such as lightning strikes, or power surges and failures during stormy weather. In such cases, we can provide your business with an uninterruptible power supply, sometimes referred to as a UPS. This will help keep the power supply going and ultimately your telecoms operation.

Consider Diverse Network Routing

As part of your disaster recovery planning, you should also consider including diverse network routing. Calibre has successfully provided this solution to many businesses as it offers a second destination for inbound call traffic. Your customers will still therefore reach a point of contact rather than a dead line in the event of your system going down.

Maintenance Cover

When thinking about disaster recovery planning, it’s also worth mentioning maintenance. Again many companies have agreements in place on their computer hardware and software, but some may neglect an ongoing maintenance contract on their telecoms system and set up.


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