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What is PBX fraud?

PBX fraud isn’t new but often doesn’t get the press coverage phone hacking does.

It therefore often slips under the radar, but it is a real threat to any business or organisation with a PBX phone system.

It occurs when a third party gains access to your system unlawfully and uses it to make calls, more often than not to premium rate numbers or international destinations.

So if your business isn’t protected, read on to find some useful information on steps you could be taking to help prevent you falling victim to PBX fraud.

secure your business telephones pbx fraud how to protect

When is PBX fraud most likely to happen?

When someone gains unauthorised access to your phone system, it’s likely to be at a time when it’s least monitored and ‘patrolled’, for instance at bank holidays, early in the morning or very late in the evening, or at other holiday periods.  Often your first notification is when your calls bill arrives.

What can you do as a business?

·     Ensure you analyse your bills regularly so you can account for all calls made.

·     Be on alert for any calls made out of your usual business hours and to numbers you’re not familiar with.

·     If you make international calls, ensure they are to countries that you deal with and not to destinations out of your company’s reach.

·     If you do not make international calls, make your telecoms supplier aware so they can put this restriction in place on your account.

·     Follow good IT practices by using strong passwords. Use a combination of upper and lower case, symbols and numbers. Update often.

How can we help?

Whilst putting into place all the measures mentioned above, an added layer of protection is by utilising phone fraud software.  Our package will:

·     Deter fraudulent PBX use.
·     Help lower the risk of receiving phone bills not attributable to your business call traffic.
·     Kill illegal call activity in its steps, automatically.
·     Monitor your phone traffic constantly looking for call traffic which is out of the ordinary for your business.

Our package includes the purchase of a permanent license, installation and training, as well as a 12 month support and updates subscription, which becomes an optional feature after the first year.

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Reduce the risk of telecoms fraud

Telecoms fraud or phone hacking could mean that your business is hit with bills for calls it did not make. Help protect your system from this vunerability with Calibre’s anti fraud package.

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